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Real Estate Litigation
Construction Litigation
Business Litigation
Church Law
Real Estate Litigation

Sharonrose Cannistraci is an experienced real estate attorney for over 25 years, with clients who have included mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, owners, landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers.

Her cases involve primarily real estate litigation, including breach or rescission of purchase contract or lease, broker negligence, mortgage fraud, broker commission disputes, easements, encroachments, and boundary disputes between neighbors and landowners, failure to disclose cases, landlord tenant disputes, unlawful detainer (commercial and residential evictions), land development disputes, grading violations and remediation, and wrongful foreclosure.

Construction Litigation

Sharonrose has over 25 years of construction litigation experience with construction clients including general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, and professional engineers. Construction litigation cases include breach of contract, public and private works, stop work notices, mechanic's lien cases, contract and delay claims, architect negligence, construction defects and mold remediation cases.

Business Litigation

Sharonrose has handled business litigation cases for over 25 years that include corporate clients, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, general partnership, joint ventures, start-ups and sole proprietors. She has handled contract disputes and other matters ranging from founder disputes to partnership dissolution actions and winding up of corporations.

Church Law


Sharonrose helps church leader with business, employment, real estate, construction, risk management and legal issues.

Sharonrose has litigated or arbitrated church cases including 1st amendment religious freedoms, defamation, restraining orders to prevent disturbance of worship services, property disputes, church facilities construction disputes, pastoral selection or succession, trustee malfeasance, negligent supervision of minors, and other cases.

Church Attorney

A Legal Resource for Churches

  • Sharonrose is a Christian attorney who has counseled churches and ministries for over 25 years. She is the daughter of a minister and has unique knowledgeable about internal church matters and laws affecting church business and administration. She has advised churches, ministries and pastors throughout California. Her church law practice encompasses a wide range of risk management, legal, business and employment issues affecting religious nonprofits.
  • Sharonrose is certified in church law and risk management by the University of Cambridge for successful completion of the college's coursework for Risk Management for Churches and Schools.
  • Sharonrose has a unique understanding of church law, church government and church administration due to her upbringing as a minister's daughter, her biblical education, ministry and legal counsel of churches and pastors for over 25 years.
  • Her clients include non-denominational and denominational churches, religious organizations, clergy, missionaries and para church organizations. Sharonrose has also represented religious nonprofits from other countries and cultures.
  • Sharonrose for over a decade hosted ProtecttheChurch.org as a legal resource for churches and ministries to educate church leaders and administrators about laws applicable to religious nonprofits.
  • Sharonrose attends GateWay City Church in San Jose, CA. She is a member of LGHS Moms in Prayer, praying for the youth of her town. For over a decade she hosted Protectthechurch.com, a free legal resource for churches, educating churches about the laws affecting religious organizations.

How To Administrate Your Church & Protect Your Church & Its Leaders From Lawsuits

  • Corporate Formalities: Bylaws, Articles, Minutes, Notices
  • Church Government: Corporate Directors, Trustees, Officers & Duties
  • Fiduciary Issues
  • Risk Management Policies and Procedures
  • Safety Guidelines
  • First Amendment Issues & Protections
  • Pastoral Selection & Succession
  • Counseling
  • Insurance: General Liability & Directors and Officers
  • Real Estate: Purchase, Sale, and Lease of Church Property and Facilities
  • Construction & Remodel of Church Facilities
  • Property Tax Exemption Issues
  • Church Splits & Hostile Takeovers
  • Internal Church Disputes
  • Church Discipline of Clergy & Members
  • Control and Disputes re Church Property
  • Employees/Volunteers: Policies, Screening, Hiring, Firing, Supervision, Job Descriptions
  • Children and Youth Workers & Activities
  • Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Suspected Child Abuse
  • Excessive Compensation of Church Insiders
  • Financial Policies & Procedures
  • Financial Misfeasance
  • Church Litigation
  • Dissolution of Religious Corporations
  • Benevolence
  • Business activities of Church or on Church Property
  • Church Audits